Tipsy Brit cheddar and Branston Pickle

Nothing says British like strong cheddar with a side of pickle. The Tipsy Brit with mustard and ale from Ford Farms is a West Country Cheddar, meaning it is produced from local milk within 4 counties of South West England. Apparently this designation is protected and enforced.

By pickle I mean something like Branston Pickle, a brand that is basically crunchy vegetable bits like carrot soaked in vinegar. It is slightly sweet and sour, and a perfect partner for cheese, cold meat pies, etc.

I sometimes wonder if pickle was invented to hide ‘footy’ cheese (you know, when it smells like feet), but in this case there’s really no need. The cheddar is surprisingly smooth and creamy tasting, with a tang of ale and tiny sharp bites of mustard seed. No crackers required.

Pretzel crisps

Is it a pretzel or a chip? It’s the best of both worlds. Haven’t you ever wished for a pretzel that was not too big yet still had a satisfying crunch? I’m not too ashamed to admit that I have, and I’m thrilled!

They have a few other yummy flavors like cinnamon, cheese or ‘everything’ like the bagel.