Steak Frites at Cafe Campagne

Do you get inspired by photos of food, then think you can make it just as good (if not better, considering you know your own tastes?) Here’s a little French Seattle inspiration for you…

You can get some tasty steak and frites (although not as good as I had in Paris) at Cafe Campagne, a little bit of French in the heart of downtown. Skip the fancy and overpriced Campagne and head instead for happy Wednesdays featuring 1/2 price steak and frites.

Add a salad amply decorated with fresh chèvre and coated in olive oil and Sherry vinaigrette. A glass of a sweet, slightly dry Vouvray or a light Pinot Noir will round out the meal nicely.

To make at home, Food and Wine have a pretty foolproof recipe.

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