Fancy finger foods

Fancy finger foods

Fancy finger foods

For the royal wedding, I had a lunch gathering of friends and family. We made bread, watched the interesting bits of the wedding and giggled at the hats. I made an assortment of fancy finger foods so that we, too, could feel posh.

Smoked salmon bruschetta:

  • Take small pieces of toasts or slices of crusty bread.
  • Spread with cream cheese or chevre.
  • Fold a piece of smoked salmon on top and cover with chives or flowers.

Roast beef bruschetta:

  • Make small half-slices of crusty bread, spread with butter (or mustard).
  • Top with water cress, or lettuce/spinach if you don’t have water cress.
  • Fold a piece of roast beef on top.

Cured meat and parsley bruschetta:

  • Take crackers (like La Panzanella) and cover with slices of cured meat (like San Danielle or duck breast proscuitto)
  • Top with parsley and, optionally, shredded parmesan.


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